A Colorado Alateen Tells Her Story

The program known as Alateen has given me strength and a reason to live. This program has saved my life. I found the love and care that I needed here. People at these meetings know what you are talking about because they have been there. They have had or still have the same feelings you do: pain, hope and disappointment. Realizing that you need to keep faith and that you are not alone has made it work better.

When I first came, I didn't want to be there. I thought nobody there knew what I had gone through or the feelings I had and have, but I only found out how wrong I was. Everybody loves me, but that isn't based on whether or not they like me. I kept coming back to this 'lame' place because no matter who I was inside I felt accepted and that was a feeling I needed. I didn't have to wear fashionable clothes or wear a mask on my face. This was a place that I was given permission to cry and you weren't judged for it. Because of this, I kept coming back. In the beginning I was lost, but now I'm found. If I stop going, I will find myself back in the starting place and that is a bad situation.

                                                                                Holly, age 14