Colorado Al-Anon & Alateen (Area 5)

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Al-Anon World Service in North America is structured into Regions and Areas.  Colorado is Area Number Five and is in the Southwest Region - along with Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Northern California, Southern California and Hawaii.  The official name of the Colorado area is AFG of Colorado and the official mailing address is AFG of Colorado, P.O. Box 31808, Aurora, CO 80041-0808. Area 5 comprises 25 districts. The following information provides more details on the structure, guidelines, activities, recovery and service opportunities available to members in Colorado.

Area 5 Officers (3 year)
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Area 5 Coordinators (3 year)
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Area 5 Chairs (2 year)
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Area 5 Chairs (1 year)
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Current Officers / Coordinators / Chairs

Area 5 Guidelines

  • Officers and Coordinators are assigned to committees, DRs and GRs also have an assignment on a district or group basis which lasts for a term of 3 years (DRs) or 1 year (GRs).
  • Area 5 Ad-hoc Committees - Incorporation

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