The COVID-19 pandemic

The World Service Organization is closely following the situation: see the top of the Al-Anon home page at, or the file

Scheduled meetings and events in the Colorado Area

Check with your Group Rep or District Rep about whether your usual meeting venue is open! Some churches with older congregations are closing through the end of March. 

Venues are being modified to reflect their closures. Be sure to click on the venue to confirm it is open by clicking on the name of the venue

Electronic meetings

There are several ways to participate:

Videoconferencing resources for groups

A number of software providers are deploying free but limited time (several months) versions of their software for multiple platforms (Windows 10, MacOS, maybe Linux) because many people are being suddenly encouraged to work from home.

We urge our Groups to try a number of options and report back to, since by their very nature these tools have to be used by multiple people to get a sense of limitations or strengths.