Conference Approved Literature (CAL) ­

Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. publishes books, pamphlets, service materials, and a monthly magazine, The Forum. Most Al-Anon and Alateen meetings offer complimentary literature to newcomers, and offer books and pamphlets for sale.

Popular Titles

  • Daily Readers
    The two Al-Anon daily readers — the “new” Courage to Change and the classic One Day at A Time are available online along with many other books that have helped thousands of alcoholic families.
  • Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism
    Shows how Al-Anon helps families and friends of alcoholics.
  • The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage
    Can Al-Anon help your relationship? Explores the problems of alcoholism in marriage, and includes tips for applying the Twelve Steps to relationships.
  • From Survival to Recovery:
    Growing up in an Alcoholic Home

    Al-Anon adult children tell their stories — with pathos and humor, with courage and rigorous honesty — revealing the pain, recovering the past, and renewing the hope for all of us.
  • Lois Remembers
    Lois W., a co-founder of Al-Anon recalls the eventful years before and after the founding of AA and Al-Anon.
  • Paths To Recovery – Al-Anon’s Steps, Traditions, and Concepts
    Al-Anon’s Steps, Traditions, and Concepts Shares love, compassion and challenge; the experience, strength and hope of Al-Anon members’ personal growth experiences worldwide. Long awaited and asked for — at last, an in depth study of Al-Anon’s three legacies, the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts.

How to Order

The quickest way to obtain Al-Anon literature is at your nearest Al-Anon Family Group meeting. Titles are available AT COST. Popular titles are usually available at every meeting, or can be ordered through the group secretary.

You can also order Al-Anon / Alateen literature and materials on-line or contact WSO at (757) 563-1600 for a catalog or download an order form (S-16)

Literature can be mailed picked up at the Al-Anon Denver Area Service Center or the Pike Peak Al-Anon/Alateen Service Center (Colorado Springs). Go to the Service Center menu for more information.

Why CAL Materials?

Please note that AL-ANON uses only literature approved by the AL-ANON Family Groups World Service Conference at AL-ANON meetings and functions.  This Conference Approved Literature (CAL) contains readings written by and selected by participants in the AL-ANON program, which are designed to follow the principles of AL-ANON.  These principles include the concept of neutrality and respect for the personal beliefs of individuals in the AL-ANON program.