AWSC Area World Service Committee

Area World Service Committee

2021 Events

Teleconference of September 12, 2021


2020 Events

Teleconference of September 13, 2020

Teleconference of September 13, 2020

Colorado Area Finance Committee [Alt Delegate]

Teleconference of May 31, 2020

The primary function of the Area World Service Committee (AWSC) is to plan for the general improvement of both the Assembly and the groups. Voting members of this committee are usually the officers of the Assembly, the DRs, Coordinators of services (such as Alateen, Archives, Public Outreach [Public Information, Cooperating with the Professional Community, and Institutions], Literature, Group Records, The Forum, or Newsletter) and liaison members from any Information Services (Intergroups). The chairman of Al‐Anon activities at an A.A. area convention or chairman of Area Al‐Anon and Alateen conventions should also participate in AWSC meetings. These meetings, called and chaired by the Area Chairman, may be held at stated intervals to hear and discuss the Delegate’s report, to consider Area matters, to suggest items of interest for the Area newsletter, all with the purpose of informing and unifying the groups in the Area. To equalize travel expenses, successive meetings may be held in various localities within the Area. Throughout the year, the AWSC is responsible for submitting questions that cannot be resolved at the District or Assembly level to the WSO. It also plans the Assembly agendas, prepares the Area budget and studies the need for alternatives to these World Service Handbook suggestions and presents its findings to the Area Assembly. When advisable, the AWSC suggests revisions of boundaries of existing Districts to be approved at the Area Assembly.–Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual 2018-2020.